A garden of vegetables flowers healthy ingredients to fill the dishes for the needy
A garden of vegetables flowers healthy ingredients to fill the dishes for the needy
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      Where the trees and flowers blossom, a cluster of ripe cabbages boasting its large leaves dyed in green are growing on the small tracts of land nearby the Student Union Building. Although their heights are no more than the one tenth of a tree, and the colors do not usually catch the eyes of passersby, their being itself means more than anything else—those cabbages are planted in an environmentally friendly way by a group of students who share the same concern for the environment and well-being of human beings.





      A group of university students from Ewha, Yonsei, , Dongduk andChungangUniversity , of which 10 out of total 15 are comprised of Ewha students, form the Roots & Shoots is a program initiated by Jane Goodall. Goodall is known as the mother of chimpanzees and also for her aim of searching for grassroots solutions to environmental problems with young teenage students who share the same goal. Nowadays the Roots & Shoots network branches out across the globe, including tens of thousands of young people in almost 100 countries.





      A branch of the Roots &Shoots was also established in by Professor Choe Jae-chun (Life Science) who came to the Ewha in 2006. Choe had an acquaintance with Goodall and invited her to give a lecture at Ewha. The lexture which took place in November 15 to 16, 2007 and the Roots & Shoots program was embarked successfully by the suggestion of Goodall, and with the help of professor Choe. around mid November after when the lecture took place.





      Since it was the first time for such students-driven environmental program to take place either in or in Ewha, the routes towards such program was not smooth—students themselves had to pave the way.





      At first Ewha was not willing to accept the proposal of students wanting to plant the seeds for a kitchen garden. The school since it was not fully aware of such program. But after the chapel service on the first week of May which had the theme, “Life and Peace,” the Roots & Shoots students could collaborate with the Office of the Chaplin to grow a kitchen garden. Thankfully, they could thereby sow the seeds for cabbages, pepper, and radish in a sound and secure manner.





      The activities for Roots & Shoots are mostly done inside Ewha since it was first found in Ewha by a professor at Ewha. and since it is receiving It also receives support from the EcoScience department of Graduate School of Ewha. Although it is a program initiated by Ewha and is done in Ewha, the passion of students from other universities could not be resisted.





      Students from other universities also willingly participate. Kim Eun-joo (Dongduk University, 3) who got to know about the Roots & Shoots by a manager at the Beautiful Store, a non-governmental organization that induces people to recycle by giving out used clothes or products to other people in need, where she has volunteer worked, often come to Ewha to raise the vegetables. “We plant the seeds of vegetables and It feels like we are nurturing our own foods in our hearts when we plant the seeds, which seem to be growing fuller everyday,” Kim said. “Since we do not use agricultural chemicals in the vegetables, the vegetables are safe and secure from the harm they might have on humans.”





      The food grown with the sweats of the members for Roots & Shoots are given to a nearby welfare center to enrich the dishes for the elderly in need. “Although the amount of vegetables that we grow is not a lot, we wish people can feel our sincerity and effort we put into growing them,” said Lee Jung-hyun (Life Science, 2) who is the chief member of the Roots & Shoots.





      Lee went on to encourage similar action to other Ewha students. She said that these environmentally friendly actions do not have to start in a wide range but they can stem from simple small actions within their own area of living. “If we plant the about six little seeds in a small part of soil, we can garner an unbearable amount of food for the whole family to eat,” Lee said. “If other Ewha students scatter some seeds in the porch of their own home, they can not only enjoy looking at how the plants grow but also harvest the food that they want to eat—especially that can guarantee its healthiness.”





      As Jane Goodall said in her lecture November last year, “a weak shoot can push through a wall and sprout its small bud in the sun.” The weak shoot of 15 students is on its way of pushing through this hectic fast-food driven environment and sprouting a small bud of autogenic foodstuffs that full our dinner tables. At the backyard of the Student Union Building, the glow of sunshine is shedding its comfortable autumn light on those vegetables endowing a fresh ingredient for them to fill the stomachs of those in need.



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