Ewha holds world renowned forums
Ewha holds world renowned forums
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            In the fourth week of October, Ewha Womans University is holding forums. Ewha will be hosting the 2008 World Women’s Forum from October 21 to 23 which will included the Ewha-Wellesley Global Leadership Conference on October 21. Also, on October 24, the Ewha Institute for Leadership Development (EILD) is holding the 2008 University Presidents’ Forum.


The 2008 World Women’s Forum will be held by Ewha along with the City of Seoul and MBC Broadcasting System at the Walkerhill Hotel. The Forum will be held under the theme “Women as Agents of Change: Building a Diverse and Sustainable Future.” Opinion leaders from all over the world working in various fields will be attending. The first World Women’s Forum was held in 2007 and the forum continued this year due to the positive responses made of previous participants.


The Ewha-Wellesley Global Leadership Conference, which makes this year’s World Women Forum special to Ewha, will be co-hosted with Wellesley College, a famous women university in the . The conference will provide a global women’s leadership program focusing on global issues. Also, at the workshop, the Center for Creative Leadership will hold two workshops on global leadership abilities with Ewha students participating as facilitators.


The last forum that Ewha is holding is the 2008 University Presidents’ Forum which will be hosted by the EILD. This forum will be held at the LG Convention Hall of the International Education Building under the theme “Roles of the University in the Future.” There will be 15 university presidents from attending the forum from seven countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, , , the Republic of South Africa, and .


These forums are expected to bring several positive effects to Ewha. “Ewha students will have chances to participate in the three forums as volunteers and participants. This experience will provide opportunities to develop leadership and chances to communicate with global leaders,” said Lee Bae-yong, the president of Ewha.



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