Welfare for students with disabilities improved
Welfare for students with disabilities improved
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The Support Center for Students with Disabilities (SCSD) was opened on September 24. The center was recently separated from the Volunteering Center of Ewha and located its own office on the first floor of the Student Union Building. The SCSD supports students with disabilities in four main areas; academic, university life, career development and for the promotion of awareness of the hardships of disabled students among  other Ewha students.


The support given by the SCSD for disabled students started in 2002 by the Volunteering Center but it expanded its assistance to a larger degree due to requests  from the students and also since the law for supporting disabled students at school was revised


The opening ceremony for the Support Center was divided into two sections; the commemoration ceremony and a discussion session. Lee Bae-yong, the President of Ewha made a congratulatory speech at the ceremony. “I hope that SCSD will take the role of teaching Ewha students the importance of understanding the difficulties of disabled students and help to support them,,” Lee said.


During the discussion session, students had the chance to discuss inconveniences that need to be fixed within Ewha directly to Lee. “The major issues discussed were the difficulties that occur in classes, especially when professors forget to give some special considerations for the disabled students. And hardships using some old buildings in school were discussed. These problems were promised to be fixed or improved by the school,” said Ko Yun-ja, a staff member of the SCSD.
             With the opening of the SCSD, welfare for the students improved greatly due to several new support services it provides. A lounge equipped with special computers exclusively for disabled students was opened next to the center. Also, periodical discussion sessions with the students and professors are and will be organized. Moreover, mentoring programs for disabled students was upgraded, including providing a specialized counselor.


In addition, the center held a career developing workshop for disabled students on September 19 and 20. Students from Ewha and other universities attended the workshop. We divided the workshop and gave specialized help for the disabled students such as, ways to take TOEIC test despite hearing disabilities and help with writing a resume,” said Ko.


             “With the newly opened SCSD, I believe disabled students will be able to receive more organized support,” said Kim So-yeon (Fashion Design, 4), who is the student representative for students with disabilities

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