The Ewha Voice should frequent the term between issues
The Ewha Voice should frequent the term between issues
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  • 승인 2008.09.27 23:26
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 I’m so glad to write a letter to the wonderful newspaper, Ewha Voice. It always gives me helpful information and fun. Sometimes I am surprised by its good quality and the interesting stories that I didn’t even know or think.



I especially thank to Ewha Voice because it also gives me an opportunity to contact with English steadily. Recently, it is hard to select books good enough to practice and advance English. Moreover, due to the high price it is much harder to buy those kinds of books, too. However, after I found and started to read Ewha Voice, I’m not worrying about that. The sentences are clear and the length is enough, and the contents are also very useful.



As an appreciating reader, I want Ewha Voice would be issued on every other week. Although I don’t know much about the conditions of publishers and reporters, I want to read fresh articles more in a month. Some of my friends who read this newspaper with me also feel lack of its frequency being issued. I think eight pages are a little short to include various facts happened for thirty days. So if Ewha Voice becomes biweekly, it could tell much more stories about our school and society.



Plus, I also want to tell you some other thing. We students have a lot of time in school and meet similar people every day. That is, we have a few chances to meet other people outside than we think. I think Ewha Voice can help us to solve that problem by introducing new students who are in other universities. In fact, it is not easy to meet them seriously, so if Ewha Voice introduces such people, I’m sure that it wouldl be a good second-hand experience.



These are just my opinions and many students in Ewha would have better idea to develop Ewha Voice. So I hope that they send letters to Ewha Voice and participate in making it more and more wonderful newspaper. Since Ewha Voice exists, many women in Ewha will be always happy.



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