Use Intranet for Q&As
Use Intranet for Q&As
  • Ko Eun-mee
  • 승인 2008.09.27 00:08
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From freshmen to graduate students, the Q&A board inside the EPIS (Ewha Portal Information System) is a Mecca for those who have questions about any subject in their college life. Shortly after logging on to the EPIS, students can enter the Q&A board by clicking on gesipan (board) at the upperhandside of their e-mail account. This is the only place students can receive official answers to their inquiries from the school online.

An average of about 20 questions per day are posted on the board regularly, diverging from chapel attendance rules, school regulations for paying tuition fees, meal coupons from the university church, as well as questions from students who are currently attending a university abroad as an exchange student.

Despite the variety, the administration manages to handle the diversity of questions posted by students.


"Major administrative offices within the school such as the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs and the Student Welfare Center (SWC) each have a person who frequently visits the board and answers the questions," said Kim Hye-kyung, the chief official at the Student Service Center (SSC), a center affiliated with the SWC. Kim continues that "For the rest of questions that were not answered by the above organizations, we, the SSC, try to take care of it either by providing the answer ourselves or by handing it to a more appropriate organization to answer."

Kim Ji-eun (English Literature, 4), who occasionally uses the board, praises it for its easy accessibility and convenience. "Visiting the school facilities on foot or calling them to get an answer is somewhat complicated. Yet, asking questions online is comfortable and also, I can save the trouble pondering on which organization to ask."

While postings on the board are often from upper-class students, only a few freshmen make use of this board, consisting about seven percent of the total. Oh Se-na (Social Science, 1) believes that there needs to be a way to tell the students about the existence of the board. "I was not informed about such a place when I entered Ewha. I think the board must be promoted actively," said Oh.

According to Kim, the SSC official, foreign students are advised to ask questions directly to the Office of Global Affairs, since an English language version of the board is not available.

"Students can also communicate with the school online through the 'We Make Ewha' section located at the bottom of Ewha's official homepage. If students want to suggest ways for improvement in Ewha, students should make use of this section," said Kim.
















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