College fall festivals rock Ewha
College fall festivals rock Ewha
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  If the May Festival added a festive atmosphere toward the end of the spring semester, festivals held by different colleges in September and October also provide a means for students to relieve stress. Each college decides their own theme and carries out their unique programs. Among the colleges, the College of Pharmacy, Law and the Division of International Studies had programs that were distinctive, adding new tastes with refreshing and creative programs. Some programs from different colleges have already been held and others are well underway. 
               The College of Pharmacy held Orange Day Sept. 18-19. Programs included handing out oranges to students, treasure hunts, making medicinal wine and making wish tree, which included hanging students’ wishes and hopes up on the branches of trees at Ewha.
                According to Lee Seul-ki (Pharmacy, 3), the President of College of Pharmacy student council, the programs were a result of continuous communication between the council members and Pharmacy students. From the beginning of the year, students and council members have constantly talked to each other, to keep their election vows of bringing out the most lively and fun college festival.
                “At first, we planned to make medicinal tea as well, but we soon found out it was impossible to make medicinal tea in such a short time. So we decided not. However, we hope students in our department had time to relax during the College festival,” added Lee.
                The Division of International Studies (DIS) held “Three Days in DIS” from September 22 to 24 in the lobby of the International Education Building. “We decided to hold a fundraiser to donate money for the people in the socially lower class,” said Chung Seung-yeon (International Studies, 3), President of DIS student council. The donations will be given to a community called “Happy Sharing,” The programs included a bake sale and a bazaar sale, movie night, and “Fantastic 9,” where eight other colleges gather together on September 24, the last day of festival. 
                "Fantastic 9" consisting of College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, International Studies, Business Administration, Pharmacy, and Engineering gathered together to hold a performance on campus in order to celebrate the College Festivals together. The performances were arranged by Pear Play, promoted for on-campus festivals for Ewha students created in 2008. Programs held by "Fantastic 9" include dodge ball, relay, and performances by school clubs and guest singers, snack bar, trampoline and slides.
                The College of Law is holding a festival under the name of ‘Soseul Festival’ October 1 to 2. Programs will give students a chance to enjoy variety of Korean snacks at the market, make organic cloth pads and participate in a race at the hill in front of the Law Building.
                 According to Lee Jin-joo (Law, 3), the Co-President of College of Law, the program of making organic cloth pads was organized to promote healthy, nature-friendly and feminist value in the College of Law. Moreover, the race will be a fun experience for the students of Law who have to climb the sharply inclined hill every day. “The race will add a different perspective of the hill that they thought as a burdensome obstacle they have to face every day into that of a playground,” added Lee.

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