A warm-hearted girl with diverse talents
A warm-hearted girl with diverse talents
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Behind her sweet,girlish face Hong Jee-hui (English, 4) holds the virtues of a detemined young woman. She has so many diverse talents, abilities and a distinctive warm heart that always knows how to love and care for her neighbors more than herself.

I had traveled to Europe with her this summer vacation on a 2 week-long Ewha Global Initiative (EGI) program, where I witnessed her leadership as group leader. She successfully took on various tasks from preliminary education right down to the last finishing touches of the program. Whenever an unexpected difficulty came along, she would always help her friends with the same bright smile and tackle problems in her unique modest way.

She is also showing her influence at school. She played a significant role in remodeling the Student Cafeteria at the Alumnae Building, and her experience as an exchange student at Nagoya University has led her to volunteer as an active PEACE Buddy member. Outside the school, she also finds time to accompany the elderly on their walks, help prepare meals and clean up at a senior facility in Gimpo.

Her love for travel and adventure has awarded her with new friends and various experiences in colorful cultures. I believe these experiences have broadened her view of the world and taught her leadership and respect for others.

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