Organize your volunteering experiences
Organize your volunteering experiences
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   The Volunteer Center of Ewha (VCE) has executed a volunteering confirmation system beggining this September. The system organizes personal volunteering experience records by listing the experiences into one format and confirming them with approval from the president of Ewha.
  This system was arranged by the VCE to provide virtual help for students in organizing their volunteering experiences in a systematic format. “Volunteering experiences are greatly valued in Korean society nowadays and especially considered in employment processes. So, we figured that this confirmation system will assist students when they apply for scholarships and graduate schools,” said a staff at the VCE who wishes to remain anonymous.
  The VCE plans to only approve volunteering experiences that meet the strict standards they have set in order to raise credibility. The experiences should be done voluntarily, without being paid, and for the good of the public. Also the volunteer experience should not have any political or religious intentions. Then, the confirmation will be approved with an official seal by the president of Ewha.
  “I plan to apply for the system. It is great to have my volunteering experiences organized because organizing them on my own was difficult,” said Kim Ha-yeon (French Literature, 2).
  To get the confirmation, students should apply for it on their Ewha Intranet menu on Ewha Portal Web site and bring the original copy of the certificates stating their activities to the EVC center located on the first floor of the Student Union Building by September 19.

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