How can students achieve better GPAs?
How can students achieve better GPAs?
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ECTL offers consulting for students to improve on their studies


     September registration for the program Diagnosis and Consulting for Student Learning Styles, offered by

the Ewha Center for Teaching and Learning (ECTL) was closed just four hours after it opened on August 25.


The ECTL has been offering this counseling program to students each month, beginning last semester. It was designed by Kim Yeon-hee, who studied educational psychology at Texas A & M University.

Kim, who is a researcher in the ECTL and also the consultant for the program, said that is different from any center inside Ewha. She went on to emphasize the differences between counseling programs provided by the ECTL and those at the Student Counseling Center.

The Student Counseling Center mainly focuses on life counseling, while the ECTL helps students who suffer from academic burdens,” said Kim.

         Kim also noted that the ECTL focuses on one-on-one counseling while the Student Center mostly offers group counseling.

According to Kim, the program asks students to identify their learning style by completing several questionnaires. After the checking the responses, Kim assesses each students’ learning style and according to the results, she gives appropriate advice for studying.

After a one-hour counseling session, I send several E-mails to the students to see how their studies are going. Most of the time, I receive E-mails that say their grades got better after the program,” said Kim.

Park Ji-sun (International Office Management, 3), who was dissatisfied with her grades, found her own studying style through the counseling.

The consulting was interesting. I brought my results to Dr. Kim, and I got to know that I am better at group studying than studying alone. Studying the broad concept first before going into details of the text was another inherent learning style of my own I found during the program,” said Park.

            Thus, during the class registration period, Park chose classes which had team projects. In classes without team projects, Park organized study groups with classmates since she knew she achieved better results when she studied in groups.

Surprisingly, at the end of the semester, I got the best grades ever since I entered Ewha,” said Park.

Jang Hee-jeong (Law, 3) is another student who received help from the program.

For Jang, it was crucial for her to get good grades, since she was planning to enter a graduate school. But at the end of her sophomore year, she was discouraged by her low grades. So to improve her grades, she applied for this program.

From the results of the survey, I found I was a reflective type who likes to ponder deeply on what I learned and also a verbal type who remembers materials explained in words better than those shown in graphs or pictures,” said Jang.

After the program, Jang became confident on how she should study. Jang applied the studying techniques she learned from the program. When Jang finished the first semester of her junior year, she got the highest grades since she entered Ewha.

All Ewha students are eligible to apply for the ECTL program which is scheduled for October and November through an on-line reservation at the ECTL homepage ( Students can also access the survey on their own at a free of charge on the homepage. Registration process is a first-come-first-served basis. So, those who want to participate in this program are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.


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