Spread your dream broad
Spread your dream broad
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▲ Kim Mi-ran (left)poses with her friends at a formal Christmas dinner during her stay at the University of Nottingham.
          It is not always easy for the students, whose majors are not English (or foreign languages) related courses, to decide to study abroad. I was one of the cases. My major is primary education, which is not critically connected to English. However, I thought the exchange year can be helpful, not only to my English skills but to my major as well, if I try. So I am here now, atNottinghamUniversity .  


For two semesters, I chose interesting modules that I have never experienced yet, from diverse course fields. During the autumn semester, I took classes from cultural studies, communication theories, linguistics, and Spanish. The classes were mostly for the major students, so I had such a hard time to understand the lectures. However, it was also a good fun to explore those mysterious academic areas, including memorizing very ugly looking formulas. For the spring semester, I decided to focus on educational modules and took modules like writing short stories, sign language, web design, and counselling skills. Even though I cannot exchange these modules’ credits with Ewha’s educational modules’, it was a good chance to compare the way of teaching style for education department.

 Other than just study, there were lots of fun things to do in the university. I will introduce just one in here, volunteering society, which I chose amongst plenty of attractive societies. As a member of the society, I could choose some volunteering activities. Even though I was widening my academic sight with new, unfriendly courses, at the same time, I was longing for all the educational modules that I took in Ewha. So I chose a volunteering for a primary school, and helped some students who have difficulties to catch up the classes. Also, while I was helping the students, I could weigh up the differences between Korean and British primary schools, such as curriculum, teaching tools, or environments. It was simply unforgettable experience for my self as well to have a deep thought about me as a future teacher.

 Also, what I must not miss to say is the story of wonderful travels during the holidays. During the Christmas holiday, my Hungarian friend and British friend invited me to stay in their homes. Both of them tried really hard for me to experience traditional Hungarian and British culture. Especially, the proper British Christmas which I had with my friend and her family was the happiest Christmas I ever had! On the other hand, during the Easter holiday, I travelled European countries by myself. At first, I was really scared to travel alone, but soon I became fascinated by beautiful sceneries and magnificent cultural properties of different countries. I will never be able to forget any of the big events and small delights that I had during the holidays.

 Of course, I had bunch of difficulties as well, but I’ve never regretted that I chose to come to , for this whole year worth much more than the hard times I’d been through. By any chance, do you think it’s not necessary to study abroad for you? Regardless what you are studying or preparing, exchange program would be a great opportunity for you and your dream. You know, now I have tons of lovely stories to tell my future students!

Miran Kim, Elementary Education, 2nd year,University ofNottingham 1 year (2007-2008) atUniversity ofNottingham inNottingham, 

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