A man who never loses his smile
A man who never loses his smile
  • evoice
  • 승인 2008.09.01 00:12
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             There is a person who makes me joyful when I accidently bump into at Ewha or work together; Lee Jong-won, a staff at the student service center. When I see him on campus, from far away he would greet me by waving his hand merrily, so do I. He loves to participate in programs with students he has arranged. Last summer, he went to Europe along with Ewha students taking part in Ewah Global Initiative program. It makes people who work with him excited since he does many difficult tasks without any hesitation. He is the one who has carried out the true spirit of Ewha to serve and share while working at Ewha for past 18 years. I sincerely hope that Lee's wish for more Ewha students to participate in community service to come true.

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