PYRUS goes on a cheerleading trip to cheer for the Beijing Olympics
PYRUS goes on a cheerleading trip to cheer for the Beijing Olympics
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                  A video clip of five cheerleaders cheering for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was a huge hit on Cyworld, ’s famous portal site. The five cheerleaders in the video clip were all members of the cheerleading team, PYRUS. They traveled to famous spots in for three days from July 30 to August 1 to cheer for Korean players in Beijing for the Olympic Games.

                  After seeing the UCC Ewha students’ had a positive opinion about its content Kim Min-young (International Studies, 1) said, “After having watched the performance, I realized the grandiose atmosphere. The cheers for the Beijing Olympics, especially, had such a scale that pushed the reputation of PYRUS to a higher level. I'd like to watch other performances of Pyrus during my next three years at Ewha, as well.” Another student, Jeh Jeong-min (Social science, 1) said, “It felt as if Ewha’s pride has swept through the whole country, and I was very proud to watch it.”

                 PYRUS went on this trip under the organization of the Samsung Promotion team and Pandora TV’s “I love Olympic Games” project. The journey began when Samsung and Pandora TV asked PYRUS to star in the video clip.

                “We thought it would be a meaningful experience for us since we have always wanted to cheer and promote Ewha and PYRUS to a large audience,” said Kim Eun-hee (Mathematics, 2), leader of PYRUS.

                However, the path to making the spectacular video clip was not easy. “Our members had a hard time practicing for both the Olympics cheers and the cheerleading festival that will be held,” said Kim, remembering the tight schedule that they had to manage.

                Moreover, setting up the place where the members stood was alsonot an easy task since PYRUS members were required to stand up in a same position throughout the entire UCC.

▲ PYRUS poses at a green tea field in Boseong, Jeolla Province, after cheering.

                However, they knew their hard work paid off when they got to see the beautiful scenery of ’s famous spots. “Our long hours of arduous practice finally found its true meaning. We did not travel for fun, but we were excited and forgot about our stress,” said Suh Bo-young (Physical Education, 2).

                “Moreover, seeing our final product being aired online through Cyworld and receiving attention from people was more exciting than it actually sounds,” added Kim.

                Kim said that if they are met with another proposal like this one they would be more than happy to cheer for Korean players, and Ewha. “I hope people became more familiar with Ewha and cheered for Korean players in Beijing through this video clip,” added Suh.

















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