2008 Daedong Festival held
2008 Daedong Festival held
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▲ Scenes from the 2008 Daedong Festival: food and entertainment.
From May 21 to May 23, the Daedong Festival was held at Ewha in the theme of "Now, get out of your shell!" The market stands prepared by 117 teams were dispersed all over Ewha, from the main gate to the back gate. Lee Su-yeol (Nursing Science, 1) said, "This is my first time participating in the Daedong Festival and I feel so excited to join in a variety of programs."

           "Ewha students eating from a giant single bowl of bibimbop (mixed rice with vegetables)" served as an opening to the Daedong Festival. Yoon Seo-hyun (Broadcasting & Film, 3) said, "Every time I participate in this event, I feel thrilled to find Ewha students so harmonized." "Ewha Golden Bell" and "Ewha Tea House" were great hits as well. Jeh Jeong-min (Social Sciences, 1) said, "I thought the tea house was unique unlike the bars in other universities."

            Small performances were also held by individual clubs. The audience was filled with students eager to see the performances, such as one held by Raon Soul (a hip hop band).

             Markets for clubs such as  Ewha PEACE Buddy and the College of Engineering were very popular among students. PEACE Buddy offered professionally made waffles to students with the sponsored waffle machines. The College of Engineering held a game in which majoring students became a human shield for water balloons. People paid to throw water balloons at students to reliee their stress.

             Yeongsan tug-of-war, which started around 8 p.m. made a great finale to the Daedong Festival. Lee said, "I think Yeongsan tug-of-war was meaningful in that it allowed many Ewha students to come together even before the event through making the rope together."

             Looking back on the Daedong Festival, Yoon commented, "Through the festival, I could relax and enjoy the time so much. I think I really could get out of my shell!"

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