Learning the passion to serve in the Philippines
Learning the passion to serve in the Philippines
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          Every living creature requires many things in life. Since people in the Philippines and Habitat needed my help, I decided to go there as a member of Ewha Volunteers. I carried bricks and mixed cement in order to build houses. Although what I did seemed trivial, people there were so impressed by our visit and work. Moreover, looking at people who were impressed by us actually helped me to come up with the real purpose of visiting there: to please them and help them.
          The first thing I did in the Philippines was construction work. And the second one was to teach Korean culture to native people. What I prepared were Tae Kwon Mu, Samulnori and a boatman's song which is a traditional Korean song. I performed all those in Calayan High School, and a children center as well as in a farewell party. Performances in various places automatically turned out to be great opportunities to let native people understand Korean culture. They were surprised to hear Samulnori and kept saying "Wonderful!" over and over again. I was ashamed of myself that I couldn't play well because I practiced janggu for only four days.
         From this whole experience in the Philippines, I earned another great thing in my life that I did not expect. It was friendship with valuable people which I always strived to have for my life. At the first meeting of Ewha Volunteers, I just thought to myself that Ewha Volunteers was composed of people who participate in many extracurricular activities. Therefore, I worried about some possible conflicts that could happen since all of them were so active. However, friends I met from this volunteering work in the Philippines as a part of Ewha Volunteers were all very kind, thoughtful and talented. They know how to sacrifice themselves and care about others. Although all my friends could have led and directed a group as a leader, they rather chose to serve others with modest minds and find work to help others voluntarily. I can’t probably meet people like them in my life again. In that sense, I am very thankful.
         We need many things in our lives. Especially, in the Philippines, I learned  the passion to serve, a thoughtful mind to think about others first, and great obsession towards world peace as I helped people in developing country. Some people might think that all these lessons I learned from this experience are easy to get from elsewhere. However, just think about this. How many times do we appreciate those values in our lives? I would like to say that the work I did in Philippines as a member of Ewha Volunteers allowed me to learn so many lessons for my whole life, and probably, it was destined for me to learn these values from there.

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