English Lounge and Job Café open at ECC
English Lounge and Job Café open at ECC
  • Hong Jee-won
  • 승인 2008.05.19 00:00
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              In the first two weeks of May, the English Lounge and Job Café, new facilities to assist students’ English ability and career problems respectively were opened both of which are located in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) .

              The English Lounge, located in room B147, was opened on May 1 with an objective of providing the students of Ewha with interesting and helpful English programs and a quiet and pleasant English speaking environment with beverages and snacks. 




               The English Lounge offers English programs which are designed to assist students with enhancing their English skills. The programs are led by eleven highly qualified Teacher Assistants through out the weekdays from 11 a. m. to 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Programs include, Current Issues, Discussions, Sitcom English, Writing Skills, Film English, Grammar and Idioms, Pop Culture, Book Club and other special events that will be announced on a weekly basis on the Lounge’s website (http://club.cyworld.com/ewhalounge). 


According to Choi Joo-yong, a teaching assistant at the English Lounge, the difference between the English Lounge and the English Clinic is that students do not have to make any appointments beforehand to utilize the facility. “The door is always open for everyone. Students can drop by any time and feel free to use the computers, read English novels, watch DVDs, or even have a chat with the teacher assistants,” said Choi. However, there are two main rules students should always keep in mind. First, the English Lounge is an English only zone. No other languages, particularly Korean, are allowed to be spoken within the lounge. Second, students should have fun using English. “Our core objective is to help students enjoy using English in their daily lives” said Choi.   

Another facility, the Job Café, opened on May 7 inside the ECC.  The Job Café, launched by the Ewha Career Development Center (ECDC) is located in room B312. The Job Café offers students access to career reference books, computers for career related information, online psychological tests, professional counseling for which students need to make an appointment in advance at http://job.ewha.ac.kr, announcements for part-time jobs, small study groups, as well as career workshops.

According to Jang Shin-hae, a researcher at the ECDC, the Job Café is not only for upperclassmen who are seeking employment, but also for underclassmen who are in search of career opportunities and advice. “We focus on helping students find their aptitude and talent through resources such as books and magazines, various aptitude tests, and even through professional counseling conducted by our very own professionals, graduates of Ewha with field experience,” said Jang.

Through the instructive resources and programs provided by the Job Café, the ECDC hopes that students of Ewha will construct their future with specific plans and ideas about their career.

“Like the saying that an early bird gets the worm, we really do encourage all students, especially freshmen, to visit the Job Café regularly to build and develop their career in a constructive and a specified manner,” said Jang.

 By Hong Jee-won 







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