Ewha Museum starts English tour
Ewha Museum starts English tour
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  By Ko Eun-mee

The Ewha Womans University Museum launched an English docent program this March as a following to its Korean tour guide service. It has now become possible for the visitors to enjoy the museum tour in English for free of charge. The program runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:00 p.m.

Frequent visits by foreign scholars and an increasing number of foreign students and professors at Ewha have motivated the museum officers to provide a regular English docent program,” said Janet Kang(Art History, Graduate School), an assistant in the museum.

The English docents are undergraduate Ewha students who have completed 20 hours of training and translated parts of the museum’s Korean guide book into English.

When I was guiding Japanese tourists recently, I was so surprised to see their zeal for Korean pottery. They had keen interest in Korean porcelain,” said Ahn Jae-hyung (English Literature, 2), one of the English docents.

Yang Yi (English Literature, 4) is a transfer student from China who was given a tour by an English docent. “It was my first time to visit the Ewha museum. At first, I was amazed at how professional the English docent was. Though many of the paintings I saw today were similar to the ones in China, it was meaningful to learn that symbolism of fish, which was inscribed in relic differs between the two countries,” said Yang.

            “Thanks to the English docent program, I am happy to see that the museum is actually taking an active role in globalizing Ewha,” said Kwon Ji-young (Fiber Arts, 3).

The museum is open through Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. and the admission fee is free.


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