IPTD students join Ewha
IPTD students join Ewha
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             On March 18, a Welcoming Ceremony for the Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development (IPTD) was held at the LG Convention Hall of the International Education Building. Twenty-five selected students from developing countries attended the ceremony, where Rasha Bandak from Jordan took the admissions oath on behalf of the group.

The IPTD is a full scholarship program with a duration of one and a half years (three semesters) for students earning master degrees. Created by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in Korea as part of its efforts to provide more specialized programs in the areas of development and cooperation, the IPTD started its new semester at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) this March.

Ewha is committed to educating women professionals equipped with solid understanding of development issues and practical skills. Educating women in poverty is very important, because it is the most economically sound way of alleviating poverty, as has been demonstrated by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh,” said Professor Choi Byung-il (International Studies), who is the founder of Ewha’s IPTD.

The program consists of three tracks ? IT, Design, and Health and Environment. The students study common subjects at the GSIS and them the specialized subjects in their major are taught at the departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Media Interaction Design, or Nursing Science.

 The focus of the program is to emphasize practical skills along with theories. The IT track plans to encourage students to participate in internships with industry or research centers. The design track plans to offer opportunities to apply and develop various computer design processes. The Health and Environment track students will have opportunities to participate at hospitals, nursing homes social welfare centers and other places related to environmental health.

ITPD gave me opportunity to study my major graphic design and meet a lot of people from different cultures. With them I think we can share various cultures and experiences. Also I want to explore this country which I have no idea about,” said Rasha Bandak, the student who took the admission oath of ITPD.



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