Revitalizing Korean Culture
Revitalizing Korean Culture
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  • 승인 2008.03.03 00:00
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Last month, Koreans witnessed a tragic incident; the burning down of our National Treasure No.1. Built 600 years ago, Sungnyemun, literally the “gate of exalted ceremonies,” as written in Chinese characters on a plaque on the structure, was the oldest wooden structure in Seoul. Koreans were filled with sorrow at the lose of the great southern gate that could always be seen at the heart of Seoul. A shocking incident like this one, incites us to once again uncover and cherish the significance of Korean which has been slowly undermined due to infusion of foreign culture. The Ewha Voice gives an overview of the origins and features of traditional Korean culture and explores ways for students to ruminate on the beauty and significance of Korean culture within and without our campus, instilling a mindset for students to respect and value our Korean culture.


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