Letter to the Ewha Voice
Letter to the Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2007.12.03 00:00
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To be honest, I was not that close with Ewha Voice, the only English newspaper in campus. This was not because I did not like Ewha Voice as a newspaper; I just was not very comfortable with reading articles in English. However, after my friend got in to Ewha Voice as a reporter, to read her articles, I started to become close the newspaper. Later on I realized the merits of Ewha Voice which I did not find out before.

First of all, Ewha Voice can be a very good source of English reading material. Studying English is one of the most important jobs of university students. And to raise one’s ability of English reading in English is known as an effective way. However, it is not very easy for us to have access to English magazines or newspapers. For Ewha students, we do not have to search for a long time because there is our own English newspaper near us.

Secondly, it is a good way to know how everything is going on around campus. All the news and special reports related with Ewha is interesting texts for me to read and also make me think more about my school.

Thirdly, Ewha Voice challenges me to learn English. The biggest drawback of Ewha Voice is it is in English, which makes students reluctant to read it. However, its biggest advantage is also because it is in English. Because Ewha Voice deals with campus news which is familiar to me, I found it easier to read than other reading materials in English. And reading numbers of articles challenges me to master English.  

However, there are also some suggestions I want to give to Ewha Voice. I believe that using only one side for society section seems insufficient. Ewha Voice’s society section is useful not only for students who want to learn social issues but also for students having English essay homework or small debate sessions. I believe such a useful section must be intensified.

All in all, thanks to Ewha Voice, and I look forward to read wonderful articles from you!

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