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Enrich your friendship through diverse activities
2007년 10월 01일 (월) 00:00:00 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr

On the first day I entered Ewha Womans University as a freshman four years ago, I was much surprised to find that there was no formal encounter with the senior students at the Division of Social Sciences. About 350 newly-entered fellow students came to develop friendships with those they have just met and will get along until their senior years. But I wondered why there were no other ways to get to know the seniors. People said it was because Ewha students are “individualistic.” I agree with this opinion and it seems that nothing has changed in the past four years.


Your campus life may be determined by the people you meet at the first year of your college life. This is because you get along with the first few students you meet during the first year throughout your four years of college life. Thus, you may limit your circle of friends and lack diversity in the friends you meet. I would like to encourage your active participation in trying to get to know people who are much different from you.


First, actively participate in club activities and students association. You not only can make friends but also can have a chance to know seniors and professors at Ewha. And it is one of the best ways to get academic and life advices as well as to meet friends of similar interest.


Second, make a good use of summer and winter vacations to enlarge your experiences. Even if the competition to get a job is getting fiercer everyday, remember that traveling, volunteer activities and various intern program participation will enhance your life vision and new viewpoints, and as a result, they will help you to find a job as well as a new horizon in life.


Ewhaians are reported as excellent in individual ability and sincerity.  However, they are reputed to lack cooperation skills with other people. Meeting friends of various backgrounds on the campus will improve this negative reputation and ensure you creative ideas, self-confidence and assertive attitudes, and this will, in turn, be your life’s valuable assets and sources of happiness.



Lee Doh-kyong

(Political Science & Diplomacy, 4)


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