Marrige Ban Lift Welcome 20 Reentrants
Marrige Ban Lift Welcome 20 Reentrants
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Six months have passed since Ewha announced that it would drop the ban which has prohibited marriage amongst undergraduates since 1946.

Beginning this semester, 20 students who were expelled for marriage will return to their studies; six students to the College of Liberal Arts, three students each to the College of Education and College of Arts and Design, two students each to the College of Social Science and College of Human Ecology, one student each to the College of Natural Science, College of Human Movement & Performance, College of Law, and College of Nursing Science.

The readmitted students were integrated into the student body by taking the places of students on leave of absence. 21 people applied this year, and were all approved, but one student? entrance had to be postponed because there were no open slots left in her department.

Among the 20 reentrants, there are two students in their seventies, five in their sixties, seven in their fifties, two in their forties, and four in their thirties.

The students had to prove that they were expelled for marrying by submitting documents that showed they got married six months before or after they were dismissed from Ewha. When expelled, not many wrote their reason as marriage because of the prevailing social atmosphere to hide such things.

The reentering students will be evaluated by the same standards as other Ewha students, and the grade curve system will be applied to them as well.

For the returning students, the Registrar? office provided an orientation, handed out brief guidebooks about school life, and offered helpers to assist them in registering for classes, a process which is always subject to severe competition.
Compared to freshmen, who receive several orientations from the Office of Admissions and from each department before their entrance, and even a tour around the campus by Ewha Campus Tour Leaders, returning students seem to be at a disadvantage; however no problems have been reported so far.

The school will receive applications for reentry every semester up to fall 2004.

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