The Ewha Voice for Ewhaians’ voice
The Ewha Voice for Ewhaians’ voice
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After having a bad headache to organize the new semester time table, when the new semester is settled down, it is the time for the first issue of the Ewha Voice of the semester to be published. Then, I walk to one of the newsstands on campus, pick up a copy of it, and stroll around the campus with a cup of coffee reading it with a smile.         

                  The Ewha Voice is a great source of information to see what happened during the vacation and what is happening in the semester. The Ewha Voice is always full of well organized news especially about international events of the school. Moreover, its abundant cultural information; introduction of good concerts, cafes, restaurants, places to visit and so on are precious tips for a better college life.

                  However, despite its name Ewha Voice, it does not fully comprehend the voices of Ewha students. The Ewha Voice tends to be more focused toward international events; such as dealing with the articles about students who went abroad or other foreign students in Ewha. Of course, they are very interesting subjects, but it must have the balances with domestic life and domestic events in Ewha; how Ewhaians react about a certain issue, how they live, and what they think. For example, The Independent Press, the journal of Seoul National University (SNU) conducts many surveys to reflect the opinions of students. Compared with the SNU journal, the Ewha Voice just organizes events without caring much about Ewhaians’ real thoughts.

             The Ewha Voice is loved by many readers in all departments at Ewha. It has been a shining mirror of Ewha; however, if it can even reflect the mind, the voice of Ewhaians, the Ewha Voice will become a more accurate mirror for Ewha.



-Chung Hye-jin (German Literature, 4)


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