Festival revitalizes Ewha
Festival revitalizes Ewha
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▲ Yeongsan Chuldarigi is the finale of the Daedong festival

The 24th Daedong festival was held from May 21 to 23. With the theme, ‘Are you awake? Rise up, Ewha!,’ Daedong festival was designed to pinpoint the dim reality inside Ewha which has became so hard to make one harmonious voice within—with every student being so indifferent about the issues inside the school.


Therefore, the whole plan started off with the program of eating in a single bowl-a mixing procedure of 1000 bowfuls together to make a bibimbop-to revitalize the spirit of harmony and unity. Hong Yoon-jung (Social Sciences, 07) said while eating her bibimbop, “I actually expected the Daedong festival to be nothing so special with few people gathering up to celebrate since it is held in women’s university. However, this delicious bibimbop event was nothing like any festivals of other universities. I am having so much fun.”


             The student voluntary singing contest, Free top 10, also was scheduled 5 o’clock in the afternoon the first day at central stage in front of the Student Union building.


             Variety of food stands and performances were conducted all around the campus attracting the students to stop by on 22 and 23. Cho Eun-ae (Pharmacy, 07) who plays violin in school chamber orchestra EPHO said, “Opening this food stand is almost my first active participation as an EPHO member. Preparation procedure was also so meaningful because all the group members were able to take part in and get to know each other.”


             Finally, an outdoor movie screening session titled Free theater waited the students of Ewha in the afternoon of the last day. Of course, the tradition of the Yeongsan Chuldarigi continued to highlight the closing ceremony of the Daedong festival. Since 1983, the finale of the festival was fully decorated by the Yeongsan Chuldarigi, a traditional Korean tug-of-war game.



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