Fighting for Our Beliefs: Promoting environmental awareness
Fighting for Our Beliefs: Promoting environmental awareness
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▲ Kim

       There are many activists who struggle to stop the spread of pollution such as global warming, greenhouse effect and loss of ozone layer. Founded in 2002, the Green Foundation was the first environmentally focused public organization to be established in Korea . The foundation's projects include the Green Film Festival and the Green Photo Festival. There are several Ewha students who participate in these activities.

Kim Seung-eun (Life Science, 4), who participated in the Green Film Festival, which allows people to feel that they coexist with nature, says, "At first, I didn't know much about the environment, but by participating in the festival, I learned that the environment is not something we only conserve, but where we live in, our life itself." Lee Jea-hee (Painting & Printmaking, 3), who works as a docent for the Green Photo Festival, an exhibition promoting love for animals, says, "I started volunteering out of interest in photos but came to realize that environmental problems are closely related to my life. Through this, I found out the worth of something I wasn't interested in."However, Kim says that Ewha students' interest in saving the environment is quite low at this point. "Many Ewha students don't even recycle. I hope Ewha students improve their interests," says Kim.

For the World Environment Day on June 5, the foundation is holding a Cool Biz fashion show to encourage men to avoid wearing a tie in the summer, in order to save energy. Also, they are planning to hold Peace & Green Boat voyages in the upcoming summer, which is a Korea-Japan cooperated event which deals with environmental problems.


by Ko Eun-hye

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