Overcoming the Ewhaian Dilemma
Overcoming the Ewhaian Dilemma
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Whoever said that superwoman syndrome only applies to married women trying to perfectly juggle work, housework, and raising children needs to take a look at Ewha students.

At Ewha, one will see competitive, proactive, and ambitious female students trying to not only keep a high GPA but also be best at everything else. College can be a door to many new opportunities but sometimes, because there are so many options available, one may fall into a dilemma as I once did.

Among many typical conflicts that college students face, one that bothered me the most until last semester was whether I should put more weight on keeping a high GPA or more on other things such as club activities, networking, and having fun. Of course, it would be great if one could excel at everything and believe me, I do know quite a few Ewhaians who are capable of doing so but as I belong to the more realistic majority, I often struggled with the issue. For instance, if I find myself stuck in the library going through thick books, I would feel like I am missing out on all the exciting and fun part of campus life. Nevertheless, when I was actually out there having fun, I could not help but worry about a presentation or a paper due the following week. Moreover, when people around me tell me that they acquired an internship at a big corporation, are doing volunteer work, or going on an exchange program, I could not help but feel like I am lagging behind and that I must do something, too. So is it impossible to study and play hard at the same time? My answer is no but it is not that easy.

There is no single solution to overcoming the “Ewhaian dilemma” but as an upperclassman, I would like to give a few words of advice to the newly starting freshmen. As a fun-loving and outgoing person, I believe that learning through people and experience is just as important as maintaining a 4.0 GPA. However, when it comes to opportunities like academic scholarship and exchange program, a higher GPA will put you in a better position. But do get involved in various club activities and take advantage of many opportunities that the school has to offer such as concerts and contests. Also, do a research on diverse clubs on campus in advance and join them while you can since many of them are only open to freshmen. Another helpful tip is that getting to know your professors and “sunbaes” or upperclassmen is one of the quickest ways to adapt to the new surroundings. Moreover, do not procrastinate! Writing papers ahead of time will save you a lot of time which you can invest in other things. In other words, managing your time well will get you a lot closer to a successful and meaningful campus life. Above all, always remember to keep challenging yourself and grab all opportunities that come your way!


By Cho Eun-bit (International Studies, 3)

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