National Scientist Selected
National Scientist Selected
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  • 승인 2006.11.29 00:00
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  By Kim Ji-young

  Professor Rhee Sue-goo (Molecular Life Science) was selected as one of two to “National Scientists” on November 14 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Rhee, along with Shin Hee-sup, a senior researcher at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, were selected for their huge contributions to scientific research domestically and internationally. Professor Rhee and Shin will each receive up to 1.5 billion won over the next six years to conduct their research. One or two Korean scientists who have attained distinction internationally are selected as National Scientists annually.

Professor Rhee is noted for his achievements in the field of cell signaling. Rhee wrote or contributed to 271 papers in journals including “Science,” “Nature,” and “Cell.” He has examined the effects of oxygen free radicals, which cause aging, various kinds of brain damage, cancer, and diabetes. Rhee is especially known for discovering the activity of peroxiredoxin, which is an essential substance in the human body that controls the amount of oxygen free radicals present in body tissues.

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