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Ewha Signs an Agreement for Exchange and Cooperation with KITECH
Ewha and Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) signed an agreement to exchange learning and research results to advance science technology on Nov. 16. Through this agreement, Ewha and KITECH will cooperate in developing science technologies, and educating human resources to cultivate excellent science experts.

Professor Ko Soo-young Selected as a Fellow of the RSC
Prof. Ko Soo-young (Chemistry) was selected as a Fellow by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). A Fellow is given to chemists whose expertise is recognized worldwide. Prof. Ko graduated Seoul National University and got his doctoral degree at MIT and has been teaching at Ewha since 1998 after his stay in Oxford University.

EDiS Awarded First Place in the 3rd Northeast Asian Open
EDiS, a debate club in the Division of International Studies, won the first place in the Northeast Asian Open held from Nov. 10 to 12 at Korea University. The winners, Han Seung-yeon, Kim Soo-min and Seo Ah-hyun competed against Toyko University team in the final round. 150 students of 30 universities from 5 different countries participated in the tournament.

Professor Choy Jin-ho Developed a Cosmetic for Atopic Skins
Prof. Choy Jin-ho (Nano Science) developed a cosmetic for atopic skins by using nano capsule called ?tosis.?Vitamins and essential fatty acids,  which are the chief elements for making cosmetics, are easily broken due to their unstableness when applied to the skin. However, nano capsule helps these elements fully absorbed to the skin.

Esther Kim Inscribed in ?cientist Hall of Fame?Esther Kim, the first woman doctor in Korea, was inscribed in the ?cientist Hall of Fame?for contributing to the development of scientific technology on Nov. 7 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Kim graduated from Baltimore Womans University of Medicine. She toured Korea to give free medical examinations to Korean people until her death at 34.


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