Global Language Education Office's English programs
Global Language Education Office's English programs
  • Yoon Na-hyun
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Ewha students wanting to improve their English can visit the Writing Clinic located at EEC B116 or the English Lounge at ECC B235. Both programs are organized by the Global Language Education Office (GLEO), which was established in 1997 to offer better quality English programs. Since 2001, the Writing Clinic has provided one-on-one or small group consultations on English writing. Due to the current pandemic situation, the Writing Clinic is currently held online via Zoom. Each appointment is conducted for a duration time of 30 minutes and students are allowed to arrange one appointment per day and up to 20 times throughout the spring semester.


The lesson is given on the printed materials handed in beforehand, without any restrictions on the type of questions. Instead of simply revising or giving answers to the students’ writing assignments in English classes, the consultant, a graduate, aims to help them figure out the problems in their work themselves and overcome it. After helping improve students’ writing styles, the consultant, teaches useful skills for writing such as brainstorming, writing thesis statements, and choosing appropriate words.


The English Lounge, another program run by the GLEO, is served by exchange students and Ewha students. Students are given opportunities develop their conversational skills by talking with native English speakers or fellow students in a relaxing environment. The lounge is equipped with books, magazines, and newspapers to read and discuss with the tutors at the lounge.


Students can participate in five types of speaking activities: free talking, E-lounge Speaking Activity Sheets, TOEFL one minute speaking prompts, Business Interview Questions, and Current Issues. Students can make appointments for one of the five programs based on their preference in advance.

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