Building foundation for English writing
Building foundation for English writing
  • Yoon Na-hyun
  • 승인 2022.03.27 23:30
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Ewha Writing-Intensive School (EWIS) is an English writing intensive course during the seasonal semester. It is open for students hoping to have their own unique writing style with conciseness and logic before taking English classes, preparing for an exchange program, or studying abroad. 30 undergraduate and graduate students are selected and divided into two different levels, College Writing Ⅱ and College Writing Ⅲ. During the four weeks, the program focuses on improving students’ academic writing skills and gives three credits for the undergraduates. All lessons are taught in English to help students enhance listening and speaking skills.


Students will be able to improve their English by analyzing, debating, and practicing writing. The daily schedule consists of discussion, lecture on writing skills, in-class writing practice, and one-on-one feedback. Throughout the course, the participants can share their analysis and opinions on newspapers and academic journals, as well as learning writing skills. Afterwards, assignments are given to apply the lecture contents, which the instructor gives detailed real-time feedback on.


By taking part in the EWIS, students will also have a chance to learn test writing for TOEFL and cover letter and résumé writing that will be helpful for applying for internships or jobs they will apply for in the future. After completing the course, students will possess the necessary skills to write academic papers of high quality with good style, correct grammar, and proper citations. Participants of the EWIS overall expressed satisfaction in being able to gain confidence in writing academic papers in English and developing speaking abilities. They were especially impressed by the well-organized schedule during the four weeks of the program and prompt feedback from the professors.

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