Supporting new life in different time slot
Supporting new life in different time slot
  • Kim Yujin
  • 승인 2022.02.27 21:57
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Division of Business Administration
Kim YujinDivision of Business Administration
Kim Yujin
Division of Business Administration

​​​​​​​There is a lot of work to be done every day as if I try to clear a game step by step. It would be okay to move forward gradually. But as the number of friends who achieve their goals increases, I’m getting anxious. Maybe you feel similar emotions as I do. Yes, we know that we just take our first step into society, and it’s so natural to be far from perfect. Then why are we so impatient? The reason why the beginner got anxiety is a life prototype that is used in Korean society. Koreans are generally raised in a certain way; study hard, get a job at a good company, get married, and raise children. This cycle is no room for imagining another future. The fixed life tool is more coercive on women. When this makes me feel down, I think of my age and my mother. She became a mother at my age. Facing her who have given up many things in her brilliant 20s, I could focus on my way to go, take courage, and finally make it.


“The world changes. You could dream and do everything in your age.” As my mother said to me, the lifestyle, especially women’s lives, has undergone many changes. For instance, marriage has become an option. Women want to seek pleasure in their careers, not being restricted by gender roles. They work hard in the workplace, form a connection with new people, and have time to reflect on themselves to become happier. Unlike women in the past who were tied to their families, present women prioritize individual achievements and personal fulfillment. It leads to increasing women’s social contribution and placing a variety of social members in the right part. From practical perspectives, we could positively evaluate these changes.


In this current what I want to focus more on is the rest of mothers’ life. On February 4th, an idol survival program ‘Mother is an idol’ which trains idols who had to retire to their job because of being mothers was aired successfully. As the cast members get older, they get frustrated with their learning acquirement and physical strength. Though they felt a sense of defeat, they challenged themselves again for the sake of their previous bright lives of idols and return to the stage finely. Mothers who raised all their children often fell into depression because they lost their will when children left their hands. This problem results from their life goals set on family members. However, this program showed people the possibility that women who became mothers could attempt new chances for their later lives.


We are still living in a period of social upheaval and nobody knows what the world will take for granted in the future. What is certain is that everyone, including the woman who became a mother and worried about her rest of life, is looking for a new life in different ways. Some become fans of trot singers and live enthusiastically which leads to tours all over the country and making healthy relationships from fandom acting. Professional women are trying to re-enter society and build current work experience. My mother also wants to start learning something new. She always encourages me to do everything I want to do. She also said, “There is plenty of possibility and time to achieve your dream.” Then I could relax and believe that each person has a different time slot. With a sincere heart, I want to support all women’s future whatever they dream high.

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