MBC news presenter Lee Jae-eun takes on new challenge as author of best-seller
MBC news presenter Lee Jae-eun takes on new challenge as author of best-seller
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Lee Jae-eun, an alumna of the Division of Communication and Media,shares her story of debuting as an author. Photo provided by Lee Jae-eun
Lee Jae-eun, an alumna of the Division of Communication and Media,shares her story of debuting as an author. Photo provided by Lee Jae-eun


Just like her nickname MBC’s Hermione, Lee Jae-eun strives to live a hectic life as both a news presenter and a YouTuber. Recently, she challenged herself to become an author, writing her first book, “The Magical 48-hour Day.” Lee shared the story of her journey with Ewha Voice.


Even though Lee has been an announcer for 10 years and stood in front of the camera for even a longer time, she was shy to talk about herself as a news presenter. Lee thought by writing a book, she would have the opportunity to express her true thoughts and emotions. Although the process was not easy as it was her first try, she recalls that it was exciting and gratifying.


“The book contains various stories about myself: from how and why I first dreamed of becoming a news presenter to various challenges after achieving my dream and routines I put into practice every day,” Lee said, introducing her book.


During the writing process, Lee mainly focused on sharing her experiences regarding two points: how to spend a productive day and how to do what you love passionately and joyfully. She most importantly wanted readers to gain the courage to challenge themselves rather than only emphasize living a busy life.


“I think focusing on every moment so that you can achieve what you desire and experiencing the magic of spending a productive day than before is what ‘The Magical 48-hour Day’ is all about,” Lee said.


Lee mentions that the driving force to living a hectic life is always being thankful for everything. With this in mind, she tries her best to maintain a grateful mindset regardless of the situation and think and speak positively as words and emotions possess great power. Her goals are also a significant source of motivation. Lee explains that having a dream is the beginning of everything as a person with a dream does not get tired easily.


“Last but not least, mind management is very important,” Lee said. “There are a lot of times in which you tend to be too harsh on yourself, but it is important to relax and take care of yourself as it doesn’t mean much if you are not happy. You should always search for happiness, and that is why I try to praise and encourage myself when I am alone. Being relaxed and happy myself is the first step of enjoying the work given to me and spreading my happiness to those around me.”


To live a more active and healthy life, Lee begins her day at dawn. Starting the day with a well-regulated and pre-planned schedule makes her day much more organized and encourages her sense of accomplishment to increase. This ultimately enhances her confidence throughout the whole day.


“To have my own time that no one interferes with, I start my day with Quiet Time (QT),” Lee said. “Through meditation, I control various emotions accumulated within me and gain the strength to start the day.”


After Lee gets to work, she attends the editing meeting at 10 a.m. Here, she gets to know the news items she will deliver for the day. Based on the selected items, she starts preparing for the news by reading the newspaper, searching for multiple articles, and watching the news on radio or television. Right after lunch, she attends another meeting at 2 p.m. where the final items and cue sheet will be organized after considering the progress of coverage for each item. Lee prepares the day’s news based on the cue sheet, gets dressed, and delivers the daily news at 7:40 p.m.


Lee also runs her own YouTube channel once she arrives home after work. Her videos are mainly vlogs about her daily life as a news presenter.


“I think people were surprised at how news presenters, who seem to be colorful on the outside, are actually the same as ordinary office workers,” Lee explained. “I think they favor my channel because I try my best every moment without getting tired despite the repetition of daily life.”


Lee further aims to do her best every day as she is doing now. She hopes to be a journalist who can help the underprivileged like Oprah Winfrey, her role model.


“I am grateful to encourage all people who try their best in their given situation, including college students striving to achieve their dreams, to feel relaxed and courageous through my videos,” Lee added.


For all Ewha students pursuing their dreams, Lee thinks it is most important to put constant effort into everything they do.


“I hope you set your own goals and plans and continue to move forward,” Lee said. “Most of all, enjoy every moment of your college life!”

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