Reach out to Talk Talk Sunbae to fulfill your dreams
Reach out to Talk Talk Sunbae to fulfill your dreams
  • Im Jung-hyun
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Students constantly feel lost while preparing for job applications and employment. The successful stories of graduates do give some courage, but it is hard to know what and how they prepared for their jobs in detail. Even if they want to ask someone already in the field, it is not easy for a college student to know the incumbent.


At Ewha, an opportunity to chat with the seniors and graduates who achieved their dream career is given to these lost students: Talk Talk Sunbae.


Talk Talk Sunbae is an incumbent mentoring system conducted by Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) that can be used by any student attending Ewha Womans University. A student can reach out to Talk Talk Sunbae through THE Portfolio. Looking at the list of mentors engaged in various companies and jobs by industry and field, mentees can ask questions using one-on-one direct messages to graduate mentors who are working in their desired companies and careers and receive help at any stage: career research, document, interview, and final decision stages.


More than 600 graduate mentors who have different career paths are waiting for Ewha students to give help. Juniors and seniors who already have set specific career paths and dream companies can receive detailed mentoring from the mentors. Students still on the stage of exploring careers, freshmen, for example, can also get indirect help from the mentors, roughly drawing a roadmap by looking at the mentors’ undergraduate majors and the company they are currently working for.


The range of mentoring is also different depending on mentors. Mentees preparing to have a job in the design industry can ask for specific feedback on their portfolios from the mentors. Mentees about to get a job in the same company as mentors can ask for a mock interview.


Even if mentors do not know mentees in person, they try to help mentees with all their heart, wishing the brightest future for all of Ewha students.

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