Ewha brings together undergraduates and alumnae in November
Ewha brings together undergraduates and alumnae in November
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Various colleges and departments at Ewha provided events involving undergraduate students and alumnae during November. Many departments including the Department of Sociology and the Department of Library & Information Science conducted the alumnae events online.


The Department of Sociology held their event “Night of Sociology” on Nov. 12 via YouTube Live. 76 students majoring in sociology participated in the event that consist of two sessions.


During the first session, the dean of the sociology department, sociology alumnae president and vice president offered a congratulatory speech on the event. The speech was followed by two presidents Moon Min-ju and Lee Ho-jung from the sociology student council SOBORU to introduce its members and the department. Presidents of sociology colloquiums also joined to promote active academic discourse within the department.


The session was concluded by four alumnae speakers. SOBORU invited alumnae from a law office, multinational manufacturing company, investment firm, and research consulting firm to ask for advice to sociology undergraduates.


The second session was comprised of four events and the first event was “Q&A with the professors.” SOBORU decided to offer this meeting to students as freshmen and sophomores lacked the chance to interact with professors especially after COVID-19.


“Freshmen and sophomores must have numerous questions and curiosity related to school, if you consider that most of these students did not have on-campus life,” Moon said. “But even if the students had the chance to talk to the professor, I used to be embarrassed to ask or was reluctant to ask because the questions were not related to school or studies.”


Due to these reasons, SOBORU decided to collect a wide range of questions from students upon their sign-up and delivered them to the professors. This way, students were able to ask what they had in mind with less pressure and professors realized what were the concerns and interests of students these days.


In the second event, students recommended sociology books to other students. Professors also recommended books that students should read when they study sociology.


The third and fourth events were contests that gave sociology department merch to students with the highest votes. Students willing to participate in these events were required to either write a poem using designated keywords or draw a logo for the Department of Sociology.


The Department of Library & Information Science’s “Night with the Department of Library & Information Science” was also held on Nov. 12 via Zoom. Three alumnae working as a university librarian, a firm’s compliance team member, and a back-end developer were invited to offer information on their careers.


The student council of the department, ELISeum, shared the efforts they put into holding the event successfully. Choi Min-gyo, the student council president, explained that the department’s alumnae event took place every year in November. Choi wanted to make it a memorable day where students can befriend each other and talk to their alumnae.


Another president of the department, Noh Pureum, expressed how she felt after holding the event.


“Night with the Department of Library & Information Science is a significant annual event and I was pleased to prepare for this event with Choi as the president,” Noh said.


The College of Business Administration conducted their event both online and offline starting from Nov. 9 to Nov. 23.


Students were divided into a small group of five to seven and were paired with alumnae they would like to spend time with. Among nineteen alumnae mentors, nine alumnae decided to offer their time offline. Only students who were fully vaccinated two weeks before the event date are allowed to sign up for offline meetings.

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