[Editorial] Simply Walking?
[Editorial] Simply Walking?
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  • 승인 2006.11.01 00:00
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She likes walking. She simply likes the crisp breeze that sweeps across her sweaty palms, clenched finger tips, and two solid legs as she takes each footstep. Metaphorical as it may seem, she also enjoys the depth of her own energy which spurts out while taking the youthful strides as she moves towards her destination.
Above all, she likes being granted the sight of various facets of society and the surface beneath it. Sometimes she boldly takes the challenge of walking to Ewha from home in the early morning. It takes about forty minutes to commute on bus, but the journey on foot usually takes two hours.
Now, some readers may be skeptical about this personal morning walk. They may consider it foolish or even extravagant. To them, walking for two hours when our ancestors have so kindly bestowed us with convenient transformation mechanisms such as wheels, may be doing dishonor to the inventors of the past. Moreover, some cynics may ask why she wastes time for something as unworthy and fruitless as a mere walk of a daydreaming child. 
This particular walk, however, is priceless and cannot quite measure up to any other kind of experience. In school, students learn the grandiose theories of historical scholars. In corporations, students learn how a company is run.
During a contemplative walk around the city, however, college students are endowed with lessons that concern ?ife?and how to live it. The sights they witness during the walk may not always be positively familiar or breathtakingly picturesque, but distant and brutally crude. Whatever the picture is, the students will be deeply impacted and may possibly change the reasoning behind why and how they should live this life.
Perhaps, the most striking realization that the girl underwent during the walk was the stark existence of social polarization. While crossing the Dongho Bridge, the view of luxury brand hotel stands before her. Also, an alignment of lavish-looking apartments stand tall. However, as her footsteps came closer to school, homes start to look shabbier. Then, she comes across a home for the aged. A crowd of elderly people cluster around a tiny television. Alas, they have no look of amusement or spirit in their eyes. The polarization that she has only read about in newspapers is true. She may have never known this if it were not for  this walk.
The icon of leadership, Steve Jobs, recently inspired students with the words, ?tay hungry; stay foolish,?in a graduation ceremony. What this student has learned through her walks to campus is that the underlying factor behind this ?taying hungry and foolish?should not simply be a hunger for individual achievement. It may seem paradoxical for a student who aspires to enter the profit-seeking business world to utter words like this but, really, take a stroll around the corners of Seoul like this girl and you will instantly become alert to the needs of those in need. Then, maybe this ?taying hungry and staying foolish?may find a more meaningful end.

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