EAASIS Korean Text Revision Program: a new tool for international students
EAASIS Korean Text Revision Program: a new tool for international students
  • Park Ju-hyun
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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) announced a new program for international students called EAASIS Korean Text Revision Program on Oct. 19. EAASIS, short for Ewha Academic Assistance System for International Students, is a system which assists international students’ studies. This program will provide international students with feedback and revision on Korean text and will be open from Oct. 19 to Jan. 29, 2021. Any student can apply by submitting the application on the OIA homepage.

The EAASIS Korean Text Revision Program will be run by the International Student Affairs Team (ISAT) and the feedback will be provided by the student assistant who is majoring in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language. Once a student signs up for this program, the application will be approved, and the student will receive one-on-one contact with the assistant. Then the assistant will revise and provide feedback within the deadline specified in the application. The ISAT limited the contents of texts to be related to academic contents and set a quantity limit below 20 pages per application.

Ewha Voice interviewed the International Student Affairs Team to further learn about this new program.

“International students find learning Korean the most challenging while studying at Ewha,” the team said. “As more than 70 percent of lectures at Ewha are in Korean, we assume that there would be a considerable amount of Korean writing assignments for international students.”

Although the EAASIS has already established a course this semester called EAASIS Basic Korean in cooperation with the Ewha Language Center, this course is focused on learning how to speak Korean. Since there are not any programs related to writing in Korean, the team decided to create EAASIS Korean Text Revision Program to assist international students in Korean text this year.

The ISAT mentioned that as this was the first time to introduce this program, they were concerned with the demands and the students’ preference. Although there have been high demands about support in Korean writing, they are not sure whether students would be interested in actually signing up.

“We expect international students to become more confident and active when learning Korean through this program,” the team added. “In addition, we hope that international students know that the team is trying its best to support them.”

Edwyna Kurniawan, a freshman from the Department of International Studies shared her thoughts regarding this program as an international student studying at Ewha.

“I believe that this program will be helpful to international students who take many courses in Korean and need to complete assignments in Korean,” Kurniawan said. “Since international students are confused about numerous basic Korean grammar rules, handing in an assignment with grammatical mistakes will undermine the quality of the assignment and also make it difficult for the professors to mark our work. Hence, this program will be very helpful in conveying our thoughts, opinions and research findings to the professor clearly.”

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