Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2006.11.01 00:00
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   I always look forward to see Ewha Voice (EV) whenever it is released. I have some suggestions to point out for some improvements. Other than the content part of the Newspaper, I would like to point out the needs of improvement in attention of EV to many viewers.
   There are needs of additional advertisement of the newspaper. A lot of the students do not know where to get the newspaper, since it is not clearly noticeable. In extreme cases, some of the students do not know that this newspaper is being published. I think EV should have more noticeable set ups. On the other hand, even if the students are able to see the newspaper, they do not feel the necessity to read it since they do not know what is inside the news paper except the fact that it is in English. The newspaper needs to gain more attention to many varieties of people and project the goals of the EV to the readers.
   I find the need to improve the usage of the homepage (http://evoic e.ewha.ac.kr). I think it would be extremely useful if this site is related with the English I, II classes in our university, so that the students can come across with English newspapers much more closely in school. Also, it would be very nice to have links between the Ewha homepage (www.ewha.ac.kr) and the Portal Site (portal.ewha.ac.kr) to have more links with the students.
   There should be more student-oriented activities in EV. I think the Essay Contest is a great way to gain more readers and attention. However, the contest should be shown in which criteria their essay is being chosen to increase the participants. Other suggestions can be having more frequent surveys of students as well as Student Photo Awards. Integration of the Newspaper and the readers will give great deal of EV awareness to the students.
   I think that EV has a great extent of potential which needs to be discovered by many readers. If EV can gain more readers, I am confident to say that EV will be an international hub for many Ewhaians.

- Roh Young-joo (Political Science & Diplomacy, 3)

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