New Dormitory Complex Completed
New Dormitory Complex Completed
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▲ [Photo by Kim Yea-jin]Distinguished guests congratulate the completion of the complex.

By Shim Keum-jo

   A dedication service for Ewha? new dormitory complex, located across from the International Education Building, was held on September 22. Building of the complex began in October 2004 and was completed in August 2006. Students started moving into the dormitories from August 28.
   The dormitory complex is made up of four facilities. There are two dormitories for graduate students called Graduate Student Dormitory A and B, one dormitory for international exchange students called the Ewha-Samsung International House, and a children? facility called Ewha-ALPS Children? Center.
   ?e built the complex to meet the needs of graduate students, to provide a better stay for international students, and to create a facility for children,?says Professor Song Seung-yeong, Associate Dean of Financial Affairs for Facilities Maintenance.
In the Graduate Student Dormitories A and B there are 63 single rooms and 193 double rooms each furnished with a bed, desk, closet, bookshelf, phone, and refrigerator.
   Ewha-Samsung International House has 63 single rooms and 25 double rooms furnished with basic furniture. As subsidiary facilities, there are a computer room, a gym, a laundry room, and reading rooms.
   Ewha-ALPS Children? Center is a childcare center run by Ewha. ?t has been built to take care of the children of faculties and graduate students,?says Professor Lee Ki-sook, Director of Ewha Institute of Childhood Education and Care.
The original international dormitory has been re-named Hanwoori Hall B and is currently used for undergraduate students in their second to fourth year.

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