EGPP Student Shares Her 7 Months
EGPP Student Shares Her 7 Months
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▲ [Photo by Kim Tae-yeon]Nguyen tells of her experiences.

   When Ewha announced that its first group of students had been selected for the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) on February 24, their admission was placed in the limelight by the media. Now one semester and one month have passed since the Class of 2010 joined Ewha, and they are adapting to their new life out of the media spotlight.
   EGPP students are required to take Korean class for four semesters or until they reach the level four of the class. Although this is a lot of work for the students, they are eager to study more Korean so they will be able to take Korean courses in their major by next year. Until then, Thanh Cam Nguyen (Media Studies, 1) from Vietnam and many of her friends are not taking courses from their division but instead taking courses taught in English.
   Since EGPP students spend many hours together, their closest friends are each other.  Nguyen said, ?e are like a real family.?Studying faraway from home is one hardship that they have to endure. Most contact their families through Internet or phone calls. ?ctually, homesickness makes me stronger. And this is a real-life experience that I would never trade with,?she said.
   Nguyen has few regrets. ? do think twice about my choice when I have difficulty in Korean but I believe this is what I should do. Since I have many friends and teachers like Professor Park Dong-sook (Media Studies) who encourage me, I believe I?l be able to overcome any hardships,?she said. Then she added with a smile, ?n fact, I have not had a hardest moment at Ewha yet. I? still waiting for one.?

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