Seats saved for business majors
Seats saved for business majors
  • Joe Hee-young, Yoon Chae-won
  • 승인 2020.09.14 06:55
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Registration for Division of Business Administration courses witnessed a particularly high competition rate for 2020 fall registration as fewer courses were offered than in past semesters. As a consequence, between Aug. 11 and 13, there were 13 reports requesting more classes from College of Business Administration students alone.

When asked about how the registration for major courses went for the 2020 fall semester, Park Ha-jong, a senior from the Division of Business Administration, shared her experience. Park assumed that the excess demand was due in part to the pandemic.

“Before COVID-19, a number of students always left for exchange programs abroad. However, the number of students taking classes at Ewha has increased this year. This made the course registration more competitive than ever before.”

This time, students decided to unite and demand that the school increase class capacity to levels satisfying the number of students registered under the College of Business Administration.

“Major students, double-major students, and students from other colleges such as HOKMA and Scranton all cooperated to notify the administration team of the need for more courses,” Park said.

Additionally, the problem of a lack of available seats for double or joint-major students has become a hot topic among student communities such as Everytime and Ewhaian. This was due to the school’s decision to execute the major-students-first course registration policy, which was newly implemented this semester. The remaining seats were not sufficient to take in all nonmajor students desiring a seat. The College of Business Administration tops every other department in terms of the population of double-major students, with a total of 1150.

Ewha Voice interviewed the administration team of the College of Business Administration on the case of this semester’s course registration.


Hong Seung-ryul of the administration team explained that the school had faced sudden increase of demand due to allowing students to complete three additional credits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As this year had a number of unprecedented situations, there was not enough data to better estimate the demand for each course,” Hong said. “The administration team is planning to aggregate a Curriculum Innovation Task Force team this fall to allow students to listen to desired classes within the budget of the College of Business Administration in future semesters.”

Hong explained the task force will focus on collecting and analyzing new data on course demands.

Hong added that the newly collected task force team will thoroughly review the suggestions of students, whether it be to simply offer more seats or to overhaul course registration methods.

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