AI job interviews become the new norm
AI job interviews become the new norm
  • Lee Su-min, Yoon Chae-won
  • 승인 2020.05.18 15:25
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Following the restrictions of hosting face-to-face interviews, employers took a new approach. One of the trending methods is artificial intelligence (AI) interviewers.

With AI recruiting on the rise, Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) has been offering students opportunities to experience new recruiting methods using AI and virtual reality (VR) since 2018.

CDC decided to utilize these methods and further expand its job supporting services based on AI systems to all students starting this year.

Working in partnership with other recruitment agencies, such as Comento, SaraminHR, and midas HRi, CDC developed a system based on user data to support students’ employment and career demands.

The system includes an AI-based cover letter analyzer, AI-run skills test, and AI-based interview. This AI run system allows students to gain valuable feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in each of these respective job screening procedures.

Furthermore, the AI system offers students an insight into unconscious acts such as blinking and other changes in facial expressions.

Through this, students can prepare for the real interview through the “Midas InAIR” interview tool, which is the same system companies use for recruiting.

According to Kim Min-ji, a CDC representative, recruiting methods are constantly changing. The AI method will prepare students for future challenges in the job seeking market.

“We also support wired networks between the ECC Nae:il Lounge and Career Consulting Room for conducting AI interviews in a stable manner,” Kim said.

“Students and prospective job seekers are already utilizing our system to practice for interviews.”

Kim mentioned that Ewha has been following this trend and students have been giving constructive feedback for future improvements. The AI system will also boost student confidence in unexpected circumstances during offline interviews.

Aside from the AI system, CDC also provides guidance to students on other job-related items from document screening to aptitude tests and educational programs.

“Personality and aptitude test lectures were live streamed and offered through AfreecaTV,” Kim said. “We also have various open programs online for job seekers, such as the Ewha Mentoring Day, mentoring school, and a series of special lectures.”

CDC recommended students to keep their eyes on the notice boards in THE portfolio website and their Instagram page (@ewha_cdc) to find out more.

To date, the CDC AI system has now been used 700 times for mentoring services and 1320 times for AI-based cover letter analyzing.

Many companies are now adopting AI recruiting systems and the support services offered by CDC are providing an opportunity for students to prepare for the future.

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