School to run spring semester online
School to run spring semester online
  • Choi Ye-jin
  • 승인 2020.04.11 00:27
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In response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Ewha has announced a final extension of the online lectures until the end of the semester. Furthermore, changes for each class will be announced separately by professors through Cyber Campus.

Offline classes can be held for practical, experiment, or training courses starting from May 4. For these classes to be taken on campus, instructors will have to get an approval from the Dean of each college. Instructors will be able to choose how to administer their exams for midterms and finals. If the exams are to be taken offline, it will have to be after May 3.

However, students raised concerns on these changes. For instance, the instructor for the class Inorganic Chemistry I announced that the midterm exam will be held offline on May 6. However, some students disagreed as it will be challenging for those who live far away from Seoul to come to school solely for the exam. Therefore, the offline exam was cancelled and alternative measures such as an open-book online exam was suggested.

“I am not upset with the school’s decision,” said Jung Jo-eun, a sophomore from the Division of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. “One of my classes confirmed an offline exam to take place. In order to go to school to take this one exam, I will have to travel roughly six hours one-way which is very troublesome. I cannot even go into the dorms as I do not have any practical classes this semester.”

With the extension, the usage of school facilities are also limited. All ECC reading rooms and the library study room are closed and only borrowing and returning books are available at the library. Other facilities such as the fitness center and shuttle bus service are closed and PC labs and IT Service Center will not be running as well.

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