No Advancement in the Environment for One-person Households
No Advancement in the Environment for One-person Households
  • An Na-yeon
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Department Chemistry and Nanoscience
An Na-yeonDepartment Chemistry and Nanoscience.
An Na-yeonDepartment Chemistry and Nanoscience.


A television series named ‘I Live Alone’ aimed to broadcast common interests among those who live alone. It gained huge popularity amongst oneperson households.

Recently, the number of people living alone increased drastically and is expected to grow. The companies are trying to figure out the causes for the phenomenon to market a larger crowd of potential customers.

Professor Yun-Jeong Choi is currently studying in the department of education. According to her research, more than 70 percent of female college students, who were expected to graduate, claimed that they would rather work without getting married if marriage forces them to do the housework, hindering them from their work. Consequently, woman broke away from the conventional custom by selecting their own jobs over marriage and chose to live alone without forming a family even after their parents passed away.

Immigration to urban cities after industrialization and modernization is another reason for driving people to become one-person households. Modern development created workplaces and prestigious universities that were concentrated in major cities. It also caused land prices to rise in cities. People were forced to live alone in small and cheap apartments, near their workplaces or schools, away from their families. The Department of Korean Statistics announced that people who live alone for the purpose of employment and university education make up the biggest percentage of single-person households.

Several services are available for the safety of people living alone. “Women’s Safety Delivery Service” provides unmanned delivery boxes installed near their home, for those uncomfortable with opening up their homes to strangers. “Home Safety Support System” is for students and women who return home late alone. Female scouts are sent to those who are exposed to potential danger. Unfortunately, problems still remain within these services.

In the case of “Women’s Safety Delivery Service," the service was reported to be rather uncomfortable due to poor management. Many storage boxes were left in bad condition, packages were not taken, and some boxes were sent to the wrong recipient. As the scouts are not professionally trained guards, they have a hard time dealing with vulnerable situations.

With one-person households now making up a major part of our society, it is time to come up with specific measures to improve the service so that no individual is left feeling insecure.

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