Student Scope: Voice your opinion
Student Scope: Voice your opinion
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   South Korea? drive to regain wartime control is a controversial issue. Proponents say the current state of affairs is an infringement of South Korea? sovereignty and opponents claim that since South Korea? defense relies heavily on the ROK-U.S. Mutual Defense Agreement, there will be no significant change in who commands the army during warfare.

   The following are student responses to the issue:
   Ku Ji-hyun (Liberal Arts, 1): It is an encroachment to Korea? sovereignty if we cannot be in charge of a war in our own peninsula. Also, we would be in a better position to negotiate with North Korea if we regain our wartime command. Since South Korea is not a party involved in the armistice ending the Korean War, we cannot communicate with North Korea directly if there is a military hassle.
   Kwon Sa-rah (Law, 2): We are not the same South Korea of 50 years ago. We have enough military power and economic strength to take care of ourselves now. Although we are in alliance with the U.S., our own army should conduct primary defense.
   Lee Yeon-woo (International Studies, 1): South Korea is not ready yet. We don? have much experience in controlling our army and regaining wartime control should be accomplished in an orderly fashion, because trying to get it back so quickly gives the U.S. the implication that we are hostile to their army and defenses.

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