Korean dance students demand meeting with former dean
Korean dance students demand meeting with former dean
  • Yoon Chae-eun
  • 승인 2019.12.09 14:50
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Students criticized Department of Dance for not suggesting reasonable measures following the dismissal of a problematic instructor.

Earlier in August, the department was denounced for hiring an instructor who had records of receiving disciplinary action from National Gugak Center for his abuse of power. Although Office of Student Affairs have discharged the instructor, students claim that there are ongoing problems with settling further measures on this issue.

The first meeting with the department was held on Sept. 5. However, according to the emergency committee, another instructor had spread false information at the meeting to hinder students from freely sharing their opinions.

Furthermore, the former dean did not attend the second meeting on Sept. 18. Students complained that while he attended the entrance exam for Graduate School of Dance on Nov. 9, he failed to respond to any written inquiries sent by students following the meetings.

“The former dean was able to attend the exam in between his visits to the hospital,” the office said. “We asked him to attend the student meetings  but he has not replied.”

With the absence of the former dean, the emergency committee asked for an inspection to the Office of Comptroller and met with the office on Sept. 25.

According to the emergency committee, the Chief Comptroller stated that other than the issue regarding the dismissed instructor, the problems students have raised are very trivial.
After the meeting, the office has not given students any inspection results.

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