Won't You Stop to Smell the Flowers?
Won't You Stop to Smell the Flowers?
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▲ [Photo by Kim Yea-jin]Flowers are bred in the greenhouse.

   Okay, which is harder for you??dentifying what flowers on campus are found where?  Or, imagining a campus without flowers? A typical student here is likely to side with the latter. A campus with no flowers is something we personally would not want to imagine.?ut then again, it? a shame that we do not give much notice to the ones that are here.?or students like us, there is a special place worth visiting at least once during our four years of schooling at Ewha. It is the greenhouse, situated far beyond Hanwoori dorms, across the tennis courts, next to the North Ahyeon Gate. And yes, it takes almost 30 minutes to travel there on foot from the Ewha-POSCO Hall, but trust me; the climb is worth it. ?The greenhouse is where all the flowers that are planted and used for display on campus are being seeded around the year?his means that the seedlings are being bred in soil to be ready for transplantation.?ccording to Kang Il-ku, who is in charge of the greenhouse, this is a long and tedious process. ?e?e been seeding these chrysanthemums for a whole year, just so they can bloom once in the fall,?he laughs, pointing at the endless rows of green shoots. He is waiting until the weather really cools before they can be transplanted in front of the auditorium.?
   Being a close friend to flowers, Kang is familiar with what flowers are blooming where.?e was not outwitted by a quick test.杆Red salvia should be blossoming along the crossroads of Hakkwan, and if you look to your right on the way down from the Engineering Building, there are Physostegia Virginianias and Asters of pastel shades,?he notes.?e also referred to other flower names like Siberian Chrysanthemums and Tansies, which are planted on the way down from the Hanwoori dorms and beside the Centennial Museum.
   Trying to avoid both class hours and construction hours, the greenhouse team start their regular days an hour before the usual nine o?lock attendance.?hey prefer early morning work to daytime, and if the planting process takes longer, weekends to weekdays.?his way, their work is well hidden from the public eye. This is all the more reason why the students, professors, and other employees alike should stop to smell and admire the flowers more often.??e work to improve the scenery and environment for the students,?says Kang, who admits that Ewha doesn? provide the most spacious area for flowers. However, he believes that rather than claiming to ?ove flowers,?which many girls often do, it would be better for students to show more interest in the flowers and other plants that are there.杆It? a shame we?e located in such a far place,?says  Kang on an ending note, ?t would be great for students to come by and just observe the nature preserved within these vinyl walls."
   So the next time you come across a pretty flower, or catch the scent of a chrysanthemum on a crisp autumn breeze, remember that it did not coincidentally end up there.?t was all thanks to the work of the greenhouse team who are quietly tucked away far beyond the Hanwoori dorms.


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