Autumn Picnic in Jazzpark
Autumn Picnic in Jazzpark
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▲ [Photo provided by Jazzpark]CMG holds Jazzpark once a month where anyone can join in on the excitement. This festive event is a guaranteed culturally enriching experience.

By Seo Yeon-ji

   If one is looking for a special night out during this chilly autumn, there is one performance not to be missed; Jazzpark, a free jazz show sponsored by Culture Marketing Group (CMG) that is held every month in Daechi Dong with more than 500 regular guests. CMG has been providing people with fantastic jazz performances for free since March 2002.
   Jazzpark has been presenting audience with various types of jazz performance including traditional jazz, Latin, Fusion, Free jazz and so on. ?e try to perform every type of jazz as there aren? many shows that can introduce all of its various kinds,?said Lee Sang-youn (Director of CMG). ?lthough Jazzpark is a free performance, its quality is very much the best in Korea,?Lee added.
   CMG started this show to give performing opportunities for the first jazz generation of Korea and to promote jazz to a wider public. ?e have named them as ?he first jazz generation?as they are the ones who introduced jazz to Korea. And we decided to provide them with a stage where they can fill people up with their breath-taking performance,?said Lee.
   However, to keep the place in order during the performance, CMG decided to charge a small fee of 1,000 won. Nevertheless, many people still visit Jazzpark to enjoy the show.
   Jazzpark offers an opportunity for people to have a heart-warming night out with the ones they love at a minimum expense. ? especially enjoy seeing daughters coming to see our show with their mothers. It gets harder to enjoy music once you get old, but as Jazzpark performs every month, I hope a lot of people can come to put their mind at rest with the power of music,?said Lee.
   The tickets to Jazzpark are easily attainable by visiting their website, ( and their next performance is on October 17, 7:30 p.m.

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