Youngsters’ freedom stolen by the frantic obsession toward getting jobs
Youngsters’ freedom stolen by the frantic obsession toward getting jobs
  • Choi Ji-woo
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Department of English Language and Literature
Choi Ji-woo Department of English Language and Literature.
Choi Ji-woo Department of English Language and Literature.


Hello, I am an undergraduate of Ewha Womans University studying English. Since the major will greatly influence my future, I chose what I like the most as my major. Consequently, I am always very delighted to hear lectures, participating in diverse programs exist in my disciplines. In other words, I am fully satisfied with my choice that I made for my future life. Still, some people disagree, so I asked them why.

“That is because your major will make you hard to get a stable job after graduation,” they replied. Yes, getting a stable job is never easy for people. KOSIS, a national statistics portal stated that only 43.7% of undergraduates found their jobs after graduation while, most people stay unemployed. Consequently, youngsters feel their future hopeless, becoming obsessed of getting a job. I strongly believe that since the overwhelming anxiety deprives students of their happiness throughout their life, every social participant should make an effort to solve this problem.

Then what kind of influence does the concern of getting jobs has on youngsters? It stops students from studying the field which they were really interested in. Since most enterprises tend to prefer employees with mechanical knowledge, many students choose engineering as their majors in universities. In 2018 statistics of major choices in Ewha Womans university, only 11 students chose liberal arts, while 80 students chose mechanical engineering and business studies. In a short interview, the latter stated that they made their choice only because liberal arts seem useless in finding a job. It indirectly verifies many students choose their majors irrelevant to their personal preferences. Students’ choices irrelevant to interests can never make them truly satisfied, finally make them inert. Korea Drama ‘Sky Castle’(2018) perfectly represents several people suffering from their studies that they chose without preferences but because to get a stable job opportunity. In worst cases, some of them even suicides because of the overwhelming stress they get from their works.

Of course, some people insist that stable jobs and salaries will bring youngsters the ultimate happiness. Still, the ultimate happiness cannot be defined with only money and job. In addition, the government also won’t be able to achieve their goals of employment, which is to foster diverse professionals in various fields. Why? Because if students keep ignore their interests and importance of other social values, they can’t exert their full potential throughout the society. 

To conclude, since undergraduates are future social leaders, their happiness and social abilities are essential for better future. Therefore, every effort of social participants is needed to improve this suppressing situation. For instance, the government can have several campaigns that encourage students to study diverse fields to exert their full potential in society. Moreover, additional seminars and lectures in colleges will also help students not to feel uneasiness, by providing enough information as a preparation. At the end, undergraduates will exert their power through society, procuring own satisfaction and happiness at the same time.

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