Acorn storage boxes installed on campus
Acorn storage boxes installed on campus
  • Ahn Chee-young
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Acorn storage box located in the forest of the Student Union Building. Photo by Park Jae-won.
Acorn storage box located in the forest of the Student Union Building. Photo by Park Jae-won.


Ewha Greenism, a community that holds projects related to environmental issues under the student organization AIESEC, placed acorn storage boxes around campus this August. 

The boxes were installed for the protection of animal food from being illegally collected by outsiders. 

Greenism aims to protect the animals who feed on acorns and to help with their wintering. The boxes are located in the forest of the Student Union Building and the road to the Centennial Library from Ewha-POSCO Building. 

Budgets for the installation of acorn storage boxes came from the garment circulation campaign, which was held by Greenism last November. Worn-out clothes were collected by students to promote persistent usage of old clothes through sticking pear blossom patches on them to foster awareness. Instead of having a fixed price for the patches, volunteers determined the cost which were then donated. 

In order for squirrels to gain easy access to the acorns, Greenism installed the storage boxes near oak trees and places where people rarely go. They also put up a sign to prevent illegal gathering of the food source. 

Due to the increasing student interest in the storage boxes, a substantial quantity of acorns are being accumulated. The acorn storage boxes will be collected on Oct. 31. 

Greenism will scatter them in places where it is difficult for people to pick up or bury them on the ground. 

Kim Ji-hyeon, the manager of AIESEC Ewha Greenism under the incoming Global Volunteer department, shared her ideas about the installation of acorn storage boxes. 

“Listening to the presentation at an environment seminar by the acorn protection organization from Yonsei University inspired us to create a storage box at Ewha as well,” Kim said. 

Many students confront those illegally collecting acorns around campus due to fruit-falling season. Kim mentioned that regarding this issue, it is challenging for them to completely monitor the protection of the food sources since Greenism is managing many projects simultaneously. However, with the acorn storage boxes, she hopes it will increase awareness on coexistence with animals on campus.

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