Dreaming big and taking action
Dreaming big and taking action
  • Kim Seo-hyun
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I write a diary every day. Even if I draw a single smiling face, it is my habit to record every day. Entering Ewha Womans University and coming to Seoul, I brought some of the diaries I wrote during the three years in high school. It was to actually do things that I wrote while I was preparing college entrance exams and dreaming of campus life as a college student. March and April passed frantically, and in May, when I became a bit sloshy, I opened my diary with a resolution to spend time efficiently. There I found a small change of literary style.

After coming to college, I could see that I usually chose the word “hago sipda (would like to)” in my diaries. And usually used “hae bogo sipda (want to)” in my high school diaries. There is a slight difference between the two expressions. I think “hae bogo sipda (want to)” has a more earnest feeling than “hago sipda (would like to).” I wondered if this was the tone only for me.

National Academy of Korean Language Online is a website where you can ask questions about your language life, such as language norms and language methods. Based on my curiosity, I commissioned a grammatical difference between the two expressions. The answers were as follows.

“hago sipda (would like to)” is a direct combination of “-go sipda” and “hada” whereas “hae bogo sipda (want to)” is a combination of “-go sipda” and “hada.” According to the National Institute of Korean Language, the verb “hada” is defined as “For a person, an animal or an object to make an action.” The verb “hae boda” is defined as a “To confront.” Thus, the more active expression of the latter in definition shows that I have been somewhat correct in my opinion.

So why am I not doing the things I wanted to do in high school? For example, it is somewhat difficult to fulfill the dream that demand giving up all current schedules or activities. However, goals such as “Taking Seminar or an off school lecture at least once a month” is something that can be achieved at will.

I concluded that it was because I was not desperate enough. I have been putting off doing my wishes with the idea that they can try it at any time. And eventually “hae bogo sipda (want to)” became “hago sipda (would like to).” Additionally, “hae bogo sipda (want to)” wishes that I wrote after coming to college are not as grand as they were in high school. They usually include; I want to lie down all day without doing anything in the room. Of course, resting isn’t bad, but it’s clear that I can do more meaningful activities.

I am trying to achieve my easy goals first. During the summer vacation, I watched at least two independent films a month. I got to know that the only thing I had to do was to reduce one or two episodes of dramas that I watch a day. The September goal is to “see exhibitions more than three times a month.” And this winter, I am going to practice one winter sport.

I’d like to “hae bogo sipda (want to)” the stuff on the lists that I have now organized. I will again find the excitement of the sentence, ‘When I go to college ~ I want to try it!’ while I had been waiting to get accepted to Ewha. And I will enjoy the rights to be a little bit more relaxed before job preparation. I will send my 20 years old without regret.

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