Professor Lee Elected Ewha's 13th President
Professor Lee Elected Ewha's 13th President
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▲ [Photo provided by Office of Public Relation] The newly elected 13th President of Ewha Lee Bae-yong

   Professor Lee Bae-yong (History) was elected as the 13th president of Ewha on June 9 and had an inauguration ceremony on July 21 at the Kim Young-yi Recital Hall. About 700 guests, including Korea University president Euh Yoon-dae and Sogang University president Sohn Byung-doo, participated in the ceremony.
   President Lee said in her inaugural address, ? present ?nitiative Ewha?as a new vision and through this, Ewha will embody a truly humane, international, and creative community.?For ?nitiative Ewha,?Lee proposed the strengthening of education to produce well-rounded human beings participating in a global university network. This will cultivate international citizens with multicultural sensitivity, and establish an Ewha Academy to put knowledge into the greatest possible circulation.
   President Lee said, ?o attain the goals of ?nitiative Ewha,?the most important factor is for all the various members of the Ewha community, from professors to students, to make an effort to communicate sincerely, listen attentively, and give encouragement to each other.?Lee also asserted that she will exert all possible efforts to make Ewha rise to the level of one of the world? 100 most prestigious universities.
   President Lee graduated from Ewha in 1969, majoring in history. Lee acquired her doctorate in Korean history at Sogang University. Lee had been teaching at Ewha as a history professor since 1985 and served as the Director of the Ewha University Archives, and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.


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